Keeping a Marriage Intact


Marriage is a promise. Not just between the couple but to the community at large, to generations past and to those yet to be born. ~ 

Why do people decide to independently publish a book? Often times it is because they want to educate and inform. The author of Out of Focus …Again, Ann Kochenberger had exactly that motive in mind, when she decided to publish her book. 

Ann wanted to share, with others, her struggles with depression and how she has found personal success in living a fulfilling life despite having bi-polar disorder. This disease affects more than 17 million people, in the United States alone. 

Unabashedly, and with good humor too, Ann describes how her bouts of depression have affected her relationship with her husband of more than 30 years, her parenting and with her family, too. 

Finding My Way Back from Depression, Ann’s new e-book directly speaks to the coping strategies that saved her from debilitating symptoms of depression. 

Gary Kochenberger, PhD has much of value to say in his companion e-book Depression…A Guide for Caregivers from the role of being a protector and nurturer of a loved one with the disease. He shares his perspectives on how their marriage has survived, how the caregiver can be pro-active in learning about the disorder, some of the mistakes Gary has made, trigger points that a partner can watch for and help their loved one avoid.

If someone you know suffers the effects of bi-polar disorder, these companion books are great resources. The books are written from very personal and non-clinical points of view. The book in-print Out of Focus…Again as well as Ann and Gary’s e-books can be ordered on-line through The e-books are also sold through Amazon.

Both Ann and her husband Gary are dedicated to helping others who are trying to cope with a loved one with bipolar disease. As a couple, they frequently speak to groups and families about depression and bipolar disorder.

Check in on author Ann Kochenbergers’s blog on She  shares all kinds of information about living a fulfilling life with bi-polar disorder.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping a Marriage Intact

  1. Gary and I appreciate Sue’s highlighting our books as well as our cause in today’s blog. She has been of great help to us as we strive to continue to get the word out about our commitment to advocate for mental health. Sharing our struggles, as well as our successes, brings hope to many.

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