Fabulous Forces

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One of our greatest gifts is our intuition. It is a sixth sense we all have – we just need to learn to tap into and trust it.”                             ~ Donna Karan 

On this blogsite, we often mention using and sharing all our God-given gifts and talents. Yesterday morning, Reverend Tim, of the Steamboat United Methodist Church http://bit.ly/c0d5H1   shared once again with those in the congregation, his deep understanding of the world around him. His ability to communicate directly, succinctly and briefly from the pulpit, is unlike any church leader I have ever been witness to before. Refreshing, bright and inspiring!

 We watched and listened as a very short segment of the  1970’s blockbuster film “Star Wars” was played. Reverend Tim related how the theme of the movie, applies to our lives, in his sermon “May the Force be With You.” 

Preceding the Doxology, was a beautiful composition that the choir sang called “I Can Do All Things.” In the bulletin, the only name given for the composer for the arrangement was Courtney. Later, I need to use the world wide web to find out the last name of the song writer.  

There is a lot more that could be said about Reverend Tim’s creative messages. Every Sunday morning, I regret not having pencil and paper in hand to record the most vital points of his sermons.  It would help me to accurately remember, and later ponder some of the things that interest me the most.

I have just broken a promise that I made on Saturday! I forgot to share the details of the  Colorado Independent Publishers Association www.cipabooks.com gathering I attended on Saturday. Tomorrow and possibly the next day too, I will do as I vowed. 

Would you agree that  sometimes it is hard to decide what comes first in our lives?

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Continuing Thought

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“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” ~ Henry David Thoreau

The other day, I picked up a book from the shelves of my mom’s library that was faded with age. It was authored by several editors of the New Age Journal and published in 1984. The book is called “Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Every Day Life.”

As I began to browse the pages, I realized that many of the subjects addressed in this book written 25 years ago, are still among hot topics today. Those seeking knowledge on spiritual healing, information on understanding truths through the body (by practicing yoga, martial arts, massage and judo and the like), writings on understanding astonishing occurrences through miracles, finding rewarding careers with slants toward social consciousness, interpreting dreams for wisdom and guidance, and more can all be found in this book.

Answers to living a life fulfilled, has been on the minds of people for ages. Over the years, new schools of contemporary thought  expand and deepen our understanding of the human psyche, and I for one, have always enjoyed reading new books on psychology and spirituality.

It does make me wonder, however, why books of this nature have such great appeal. It has been said that all the answers we need are within ourselves. It is the search for such answers that lead people to a lifelong quest.

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Take Time Out


“Sometimes it is the smallest decisions that can change  your life forever”      ~Keri Russell

I am usually one who eats lunch at my desk.  Keeping my nose to the grind and trying to get the most accomplished in a work day as possible.  On Thursday, it was a picture perfect Colorado day. I decided to take an hour out, wander down to the Yampa River Botanic Park and listen to the Steamboat Woodwind Trio. The mountain backdrop, the splendor in the gardens and the fabulous music left me renewed, refreshed and ready to get back to the business at hand.

We all get stuck in ruts, doing the same thing day after day.  By just making little changes throughout our daily lives, we see life through new eyes.  Next time, you go about business as usual, put a little “bent” into your day:

  • If it is usually orange juice in the am, try apple!
  • If you usually use a black pen, try red!
  • Leave a little early and take the scenic route!
  • Pick something off a menu that is outside of your usual choices!

We have all heard these words of advice time and time again. Nothing new is being revealed here, yet we all tend to fall back into our patterns of business as usual. Must be that is why we need to hear these words time and time again.

My most delightful lunch hour on Thursday was my reminder to take time out of my day and smell the roses. Actually, any kind of flower will do it for me!

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