Filtering Thoughts: Writers Mantra

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Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” ~ Joel Osteen

Ok – so today my mind is out of control. So what if I am thinking about filters. I’ve thought about much worse things before. I am consumed with  filters – air filters, water filters, coffee filters, filters on camera lenses and such. If I  made a list of items that have filters, it would be quite long.

What is the definition of filter anyway? According to Webopedia,  A filter is: “A pattern through which data is passed. Only data that matches the pattern is allowed to pass through the filter.”

Consider how filters apply to lives rather than things. If we lived by the definition of filter by only permitting information that matches a certain standard to pass through our brains, we could ultimately control our life experience. In other words, setting a pattern of thinking positive things, and not letting negative thoughts and emotions enter into the equation would bring life altering change. Wouldn’t it?

Hey, now! There is some validity to that. As a writer, whenever I  begin to think  “I don’t know what to write” or  “I don’t know how to put it down on paper”  I may as well be building walls rather than blogs. Time to call it a day.

With positive feelings or with no preconceived notions of what I am going to write, and by letting the free flow of thought fill the paper, the best results come.

Affirmative thoughts bring affirmative action, fulfilling thoughts bring fulfilling things. Affirmative thoughts bring affirmative action, fulfilling thoughts bring fulfilling things. Affirmative thoughts…….

Ahhh – My writer’s mantra is working. “Visualize and achieve” thoughts have kicked in. Perhaps being consumed with filters was good for me after all. Merci beaucoup!

For more information on writers mantras, please visit this link. .

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