Support Along the Path of Life


“No one ever stumbles into success. It is found only in the fulfillment of a certain image, as a certain goal.” ~ Rev. Robert Kirkley

Has anyone ever told you “I’ve got your back” and you wholeheartedly believe it? Doesn’t it feel good? That doesn’t mean that someone will do everything for you. You have to do your part too. But knowing that the person who made the promise will be there for you if you trip and fall, that means a lot.

IMAG0775Today on All Things Fulfilling, I am introducing you to THE publication that I’ve been promising I would reveal.  The book focuses on the idea that someone else has your best interest at heart. No matter what your challenges and struggles might be in a career, business and personal relationships or because of your character flaws, this book reinforces the idea that By God, You Can Do It, if you believe.

This publication came out of Rev. Robert “Bob” Kirkley’s desire to reach more people and share the news that “faith works miracles.” He has seen it happen. Things that people thought they couldn’t accomplish, they overcame and successfully changed their own life.

Rev. Kirkley says although the concepts in his book “may look like extravagant promises” of enjoying fulfillment, the principles “are based on a clear-sighted understanding of the basic laws of life.”  Some people may be surprised to learn it is Rev. Kirkley’s belief that “people should be spiritual and not religious.”

To read more about the author, the book and how to order it, please visit .

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