Dialogue Adds Dimension


Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from…”  ~ Rita Mae Brown

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Last Wednesday evening I went to a book event for three local writers at our independent bookstore here in town called Off the Beaten Path. Of course, fellow Steamboat Writers Group authors and supporters were in attendance. One of the members, Larry,  asked me “how my book was coming?” He mentioned now that I am finished reading my book to the group, he misses hearing the voice of one of my characters.  What a lovely and thoughtful compliment! Those words alone, to me, meant that I was successful in incorporating into my writing an authentic voice of my main and stellar character.

two people talkingYou see, when I started writing the manuscript it had no dialogue. The writers group encouraged me to reach deeper and include my memories of conversations with family members. They were so “right on” in suggesting that I go back and insert dialogue because it added another dimension to the story that was not there previously. The extra time it took was well worth the effort. The story is so much richer for it because through dialogue the culture, historical era and a sense of place shines through in my narrative.

Thank you, Larry from  the Steamboat Writers Group. That is why I came and read the entire manuscript aloud. That was the kind of feedback I was looking for! And Larry’s words reminded me how important it is for writers to encourage others who are going through the process.

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