Virtuous Names

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Christmas is the keeping-place for memories of our innocence.–Joan Mills

I’ve often wondered whether a women who bears a name like Hope, Grace, Faith, Charity or Patience are generally more highly-principled than someone who bears a name like Cruella de Ville, Brandy Alexander or Fannie Hill?  Do people feel pressured to live up to the virtues of their names?

Likewise, if you live in a town that sounds lovely and festive, is life a little different? Are crime rates lower in cities and towns in nice sounding places? After all, people may feel the pressure to live with Christmas spirit or good intentions year-round.

What do you think? Is there is a higher quality of life living in places like these:

  • Angels Camp, CA 95222
  • Bethlehem, PA18016
  • Blessing, TX 77419
  • Christmas, FL 32709
  • Faith, NC 28041
  • Hope, NM 88250
  • Joy, IL 61260
  • Nazareth, KY 40048
  • Noel, MO 64854
  • Saint Joseph, IL 61873
  • Saint Mary, KY 40063
  • Santa   Claus, IN 47579
  • Shepherd, MI 48883
  • Snow, OK 74567
  • Star, ID 83669
  • Wiseman, AR 72587

I ponder if these places are any closer to paradise than any other cities? If we could peek into the lives of the ordinary citizens in these communities, do you think life would be any more fulfilling than other places on the map?

Christmas in the heart

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