Settling In Amid Peaks and Valleys

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Last week I promised that I would share my impressions of moving from the northeastern part of the U.S. to the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I came site unseen since my husband relocated several months prior to my coming.

My original poem begins on the East Coast – and this segment picks up as my husband, son and I drove into Steamboat in a fierce snowstorm the day after Thanksgiving, five years ago.

(The form is a little different due to digital formatting challenges) but never-the-less every word is as I wrote it).

Settling In ~ by Sue Batton Leonard

Relocating, arriving like dandruff on shoulders,

a sprinkling of sugar, dusting about

dancing, leaving polka dots on

peaks and in deep valleys,

marking the panorama, a white capped day

ill-timed to some, peaceful, sparkling to others

trailing like ribbons of baby’s bonnet

freed from summer heat, a white capped day

insulating earth from hoarfrost of winter

playground for skiers, aggravation for vehicles

skidding and sliding, driving the

business of living

steep and deep canyons, icing tiered

high, champagne to play in, romantic visions,

a Christmas rose, welcome alpine

guests of a white capped day

effervescent spirits, chilling exteriors

covered, absolute abundance

paralysis, blocked highways and byways

igloo walls till spring thaw

children naively playing, blizzard conditions

pompoms on powder puffs, feathery scarves,

woodstove fed and red-hot fired,

melting spikes of a white capped day

sit and snuggle, aside a blazing fire

top the chocolate with whipped cream. A cherry.

till next fall, remember, a white capped day ~

whipped creme and cherry

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