Tracking Consumer Book Buying Trends

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In October 2011, Bowker (the storehouse of all publishing statistics) announced they would be doing a major study on book buying trends, specifically on e-books.  The objective of the study is to obtain information about publishing industry growth patterns as well as for tracking quantities (traditional vs non-traditional/ independent book sales). The study takes into consideration the quantity of books in print vs. digital publications (e-books).  To read the August 6, 2013 report, please follow this link.

Technology-quote-Northrop-FryeIn my opinion, this data is much needed since the publishing industry is so rapidly changing and growing.  The study will be useful to more than just the publishing industry. The technology industry, libraries, and bookstore owners will benefit from this data. Many brick and mortar stores are trying to evaluate out how they can best serve communities with the changes that are underway in publishing.

Knowing the latest book buying trends is also helpful to independent publishers like myself. It helps us to know what platform readers are using most frequently and whether to publish a paper version, digital (e-book) or audio book and how to price them.

Have your book buying habits changed or are they likely to?  Has your reading platform changed from paper to electronic? Are you observing any trends in the kinds of books that are available for sale over the internet? We would like to hear from you.

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