It’s a Sunny Day!

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Today is a special day for my husband and me. It is our son’s 26th birthday. Don’t know where those years have gone since the day I delivered him, screaming and crying.

Let me clarify – I wasn’t doing the screaming and crying our son was. I was busy counting fingers and toes and marveling at perfection.

The twelve hour labor was a walk in the park compared to what I had been through the four months prior to his birth. You’ll learn more about that journey of unexpected blessings in my upcoming memoir.

When I think of  7:12 pm on Thursday, February 25, 1988,  I remember the words that came into my mind when I saw our precious bundle. They are the very same words I sang to him in the rocking chair!

you are my sunshine

The joy that our son brought has into our lives over these past 26 years is unexplainable. I can’t find the appropriate words except to say we are so very proud that he is our SUN!

Happy Birthday and much love to you on this day, Marc! Remember to take out time from your work today and have some FUN!! Hope our next visit isn’t too far off ~

being what god created him to be

And by the way – your Father and I think you are doing a fantastic job of being yourself and all that comes with it! You are indeed filled with Thursday’s child  attributesruled by Jupiter, the most beneficial of all the planets, the symbol of expansion, happiness, optimism, good humour, room to move – either mentally or physically, spaciousness, freedom and independence.  This child will need these types of things.”

And so you have it! Wishing you a great year ahead.

This blog is brought to you by It’s another blessed day on All Things Fulfilling. A great day of remembrance.

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