Telling Family Secrets

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I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.” ~ Anaïs Nin

It’s family secret day on All Things Fulfilling and I have a confession to make about one of my siblings~

I swear my little brother chose his friends according to who’d step in and clean his room for him. He is not generally known as a people user but, he always got his friends to help him out in  “clean the room department.” And he never had to do anything to correct his shortcomings because of it.

When my sister or I, or one of his friends, felt sorry for him because he was grounded once again due to his messy bedroom, we’d pitch in and help him clean up the mess. Then guess who got praised and lauded?  Yep – you guessed it, my little brother, for having fulfilled his chores list! Not the ones who helped him out of the dog house.

One day, I got caught standing in for my brother while I was cleaning up his mess. The stellar character that you will learn about in my memoir, who taught me some very useful and wonderful lessons about life, scolded me and said:

You and yo’ brother needs ta have a come to jesus meetin’ over you always having ta do his chores. He aint doin’ doodlie squat. That ain’t right. You ain’t doin’ him no favors by helpin’ him out neither. He’s gots ta learn all by his self.”  

 I had never heard that expression “have a come to Jesus meeting” until she used it. It delighted me, made me giggle. Every time I hear the expression now, as an adult, it tickles my funny bone all over again. 

girls telling secretsPerhaps if you have brothers or sisters, you can relate to having to do their chores. Was there someone in your family who always pulled the weight?

Have you ever been caught in a difficult position by sharing a family secret?

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