St. Patty’s Day Creativity

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St Pattys Day Prompts..Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today we are going to have fun with a little Irish creativity. Are you ready to begin your story? When I found this image, I thought “Good lord – how appropriate each one of these writing prompts would have been for my recently completed publication Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfillment in the Unexpected. Any one of them could have aided me in my writing.

In honor of St. Patty’s Day I am going to craft something that summarizes parts of my memoir but it’s different than from what’s actually written in it. These thoughts may give you a hint as to what’s between the covers.

Using the prompts you can begin to craft your own story.

  • At the end of the rainbow….. my heart echoed.
  • The day I met my leprechaun….I prayed there’d be another to follow.
  • The luck of the Irish wasn’t with me when… my story began.
  • I was just picking up the pot of gold when…I realized it was inside me all the time.
  • I opened my eyes to find a leprechaun…who arrived as a big surprise.

Happy Saint Patty’s Day to All My Beloveds!

“Love leaves a memory no one can steal.” ~from

a headstone in Ireland

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