Wrap Up: Writing Process


First Step: “Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.” ~Melinda Haynes

Last Friday I gave a presentation about independent publishing and my newly released memoir to the Yampa Valley University Women. As a way of concluding my presentation, I mentioned how much I loved every part of the writing and publishing process –

  • the creative

  • the daily discipline of writing

  • bringing the voice of my stellar character alive for the reader

  • the end result of the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction for having done it

Having a regular writing routine is easier for some than others, but for me I am a very disciplined person, so regular writing was not difficult. Authors have their own ways of motivating themselves to start, stay on task and seeing a project through until the end.

Inspiration-to-writeHere is an interesting article that I came across that speaks to tactics that some very well-known authors have used to tackle the problem of how to be successful in finding time to write. http://bit.ly/1fPjdd0 .

Some people go to all lengths to motivate themselves. I consider myself fortunate. All I have to do is sit down to the computer put my fingers on the keyboard, and pour my heart out. I don’t second guess myself until it is all out on the paper – it’s that easy! Then comes the editing part. Well, if I must be honest ….that’s a different story.

Do return tomorrow. We are going to switch gears.  I have “twin issues” on my mind that I will share with you. This blog brought to you by http://www.AllThingsFulfilling.com,


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Writing Process

  1. Congratulations, Sue – I didn’t know you had a memoir – did you publish it yourself?

    Hope you’re doing well. Spring has finally come to Wisconsin – though there are still patches of snow here and there!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Kira – How nice to hear from you! My memoir “Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected” is independently published, and newly released. It is available in print from all major on-line booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. and through Ingrams. It is in paperback, e-book (Amazon & Smashwords) and also it will be available in about 2 weeks in audio book format. That is a treasure, with the voice of a colorful voice in it. I narrated it myself (in a professional recording studio).

    Thanks for contacting me through this site and I hope you will pick up a copy of my publication in your favorite reading platform.

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