Earning Wisdom: Experience

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One of the many life lessons that I have learned throughout the independent publishing process is how things don’t always proceed as expected. That’s when frustration, disappointment and self-doubt sets in.

I’ve had a sign hanging on the wall, given to me by a friend from Macedonia, since the start of my memoir writing project that says “anything is possible if you believe.Sue’s memoir Throughout the publishing of my book I have earned wisdom through experience and proven to myself  there are not false promises in this adage. These simple words have provided me with the motivation to press on, move ahead and keep the faith every time I came to a block along the path toward reaching fulfillment of my goals. “There are no problems, only solutions” says one of my most trusted advisors named Kristen. I’ve learned she’s right on the mark.

every comes perfect timeHave you ever noticed how often things come to us at the right time? It maybe  a life event, circumstance or a person who seems to be heaven sent. This is essentially what my book is about.

I never thought very deeply about this concept but in recent years it  has become my motto. Keeping these sage words at the forefront of my mind has eliminated many moments that would otherwise have provided me with angst.

Admittedly, sometimes I forget the adage because impatience has a great nagging presence. Although there is truth behind the divine timing concept it does not let us off the hook from being active participants in working toward our dreams and goals.

See you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling. It is hard to believe May Day is right around the corner. I’ve got lots to look forward to next month. More about that later.



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