Dreams Expressed in Art

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“Think left and think right, think high and think low. Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try.” ~ Dr. Seuss

kimball art what dreams are made ofWhile I was in Park City, Utah last week, I stopped by the Kimball Art Center and took in the exhibit “What Dreams are Made Of.” This gathering of work came from students in the Park City region from kindergarten to high school age.

The Kimball Art Center www.kimballartcenter.org serves more than 11,000 students annually with free visual art lessons and also serves the community with more than 300 art classes each year geared toward all ages including adults.

In many of the two and three dimensional pieces on display it was very clear what interests the children want to explore further in their childhood and into adult life. There were works of art that included themes such as dance, ski racing, equestrian, fashion, writing and publishing, architecture and much more. Different art forms were used to create this display of mixed media – collage, photography, pottery, paper mache, sketches to name a few.

New exhibits are on-going throughout the year at “The Kimball”  but I am happy that I was able to see the diverse interpretations through different children’s eyes and imaginations of “What Dreams are Made Of.” Through persistence, determination and hard work, hopefully many of these dreams will be fulfilled and realized.

Perhaps our society would benefit if more individuals could pursue what drives their spirit rather than just be focused on making a living. Fulfilling a dream feels wonderful. I recently published my memoir! Sue’s memoir




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