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It’s a pleasure to share one’s memories. Everything remembered is dear, endearing, touching, precious.” ~ Susan Sontag

turquoise hearts“Interesting!” I thought, when I read the other day that the color turquoise means “healing and life giving flow of the Holy Spirit.” I ran across this information when browsing a book in The Enlarging Heart Bookstore. The publication was about the use of gemstones in alternative medicine.

Perhaps that explains the love of I had for one of my childhood baby dolls – my little troll. Remember those little impish-faced playthings? Memories of the fulfilling hours my twin sister and I spent playing with our trolls have stuck with me all these years.

What was it that made my troll so endearing? Oh how I adored her turquoise hair and a little matching gemstone in her tummy. As a child I was not aware that turquoise is an anti-negativity stone that strengthens the body and energy field. It is said that it “soothes and brings peace of mind.” My troll doll went with me everywhere. She was my sidekick when my twin sister wasn’t around. I’d tell her my innermost thoughts.

I need to remember to ask my sister what color was her troll doll? I don’t remember. I only had eyes for my little turquoise pal.


See you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling. Off and on we will be digging up things out of the archives of my memories as a child.Sue’s memoir If you are a baby boomer, no doubt you will remember many of the things that will be featured.


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