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ouija board 2A combination of eeriness and curiosity is what I felt when I put my hands on the Ouija board with my friends. As a young teenager, I had just enough belief in forces greater than myself  that experimentation with the spirit board was enticing.

Sometimes when the planchette (the heart shaped piece of wood or indicator) began to move under my fingertips, I wasn’t so certain I wanted to know where it was going to land. I so hoped which ever friend who also had her hands on the indicator would push it in a favorable direction.

When I asked the Ouija Board how many children I would have, for instance, I hoped it wouldn’t stop on the number 9. “One,” I thought, “would be just fine!” After all, I realized pretty early on my odds of having a child were less than my twin sister.

Wonders of the universe have become even more fascinating to me as an adult.  I and many others question what is the real truth behind Stephen R Covey’s quotation? What is your interpretation of life – post your opinions on this site. We would like to hear our readers opinions.

spirtual beings quote by covey

Many baby boomers will remember having a Ouija board but the origins of this controversial spirit board go much further back in history.Want to learn more about the history of this game that was so popular in the 1960s? Follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouija.

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