A Questionable Start

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“Something really got messed up!”  I often thought as a child.  How can I be three minutes older than my twin sister? ”  I mean, look at the size difference!  Surprising, isn’t it? In my memoir I share some insight into more of my thoughts from the perspective of an child who had a start filled with uncertainty.

Sue Mary Kellogg and Jan

 Photo above – left to right: Yours truly (Sue), Mary Grace (our childhood friend who is one year younger) and Jan, my twin.

At other times I thought:

go with it.

As an adult I’ve come to know deep in my heart,  it was no accident – we are all according to God’s  plan. Believe it or not, He has one for each and every one of us!

how it is supposed to be


There is a lot of truth in that statement, isn’t there?

Thanks once again to www.unbridledimages.com for surprising me with this photo that was dug up out of their archives- it is a treasure. Who would have thought I’d be corresponding with long lost friends, exchanging picture and reminiscing with people of my past so frequently? Unexpected things happen when we tell our life story. It’s been truly delightful.

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.






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