Drink in the Outdoors

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“Life’s enchanted cup sparkles near the brim.” ~ Lord Byron

Baltimoreans of my generation will surely remember the Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, Maryland. A trip to the Enchanted Forest always made me feel as if I had stepped into any one of my favorite fables. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, people didn’t travel great distances. Family day trips to amusement parks were considered special. For a child to see scenes of gumdrop cottages and fairyland castles like those in their favorite nursery rhymes turned boys and girls into princes and princesses for a day.


I liked peering into the windows of the Hansel & Gretel house and climbing on the statue of Old King Cole. Tiptoeing through a field of oversized gingerbread ladies and gents was thrilling to a youngster. You could even take a ride in “Alice in Wonderland” teacup shaped cars through the park. Baltimoreans, if you ever wondered where the Enchanted Forest went, follow this link. http://bit.ly/1nY7nQS.

The ENchanted Forest, Hansel and Gretel's House Baltimore
Our world has changed over the decades and so have the people’s ideas of vacationing.  Tomorrow we will be featuring a new website for outdoors enthusiasts who love to travel. The news wire for this site will be “officially launched” in a few weeks and it will feature inspiring places to see and things to do to enhance your lifetime experience. The great outdoors was created for us to enjoy. Take advantage and drink in all the great outdoors has to offer.

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