Domestic Duties


“The best time to plan a book is while doing the dishes.” ~ Agatha Christy

On All Things Fulfilling sometimes we jump from subject to subject. This is “Flashbacks Week.” So today is the first in a series of words and images that will stir your memories of an era gone by.

For many Americans, the 1950’s evokes images of domestic duties that have now gone by the wayside. Before the 1970s,  “household domestics, ” were often hired to assist families with household tasks. This was more prevalent in homes south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Baby boomers who remember “those days” will relate to my memoir and will have interest in this article.

When was the last time you saw a women spending part of her day doing the following:

  • Polishing sterling silver
  • Manually sprinkling clothes and rolling them before ironing
  • Making school lunches and wrapping the food in waxed paper
  • Setting out crystal salt and pepper dishes at in front of each place when setting the table
  • Teaching the next generation how to properly set a table, with several size spoons & forks, special butter knifes, crystal goblets and bone china.
  • Hosting a weekly “bridge party” with tea sandwiches, homemade baked goods, and a little afternoon glass of sherry.
  • Starching the tablecloths and sheets and ironing them.
  • Darning toes and heels of socks
  • Icing a cake wearing an apron and pearls

Memoirs are made out pictures of our past. Some people use recollections to create written legacies, like myself.

Do return to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow. This blog brought to you by the author of “Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected” by Sue Batton Leonard. For information and ordering, follow this link.

domestic duties1

domestic duties5

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5 thoughts on “Domestic Duties

  1. Times sure have changed and often one doesn’t even realize it till you take time to look back! Thanks for sharing! Good memories of a bygone era!

  2. Thank you, Sue, for sharing this nostalgic post and keeping those memories alive! The photos are great, and really capture the sense of that era.

    • a:hover {color: red;} a {text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc;} a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited {background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff;} a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active {background-color: #11729E; color: #fff;} The era is etched in many people's lives, Marie! Thanks for your comment.

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