Crossing the Mississippi


Today, I”ll tell you a secret!

I’m going to share the next few days with someone very special.

girls telling secrets

I’ve got work to do to get ready and spiffy!

vintage salon


It’s literally been decades since this person and I have been together to celebrate this wonderful occasion!

So, I am so very excited!

sister coming

my sister is coming birthday card

This birthday calls for two cards, one for my twin and one for me!

Vintage Birthday card  Jan

 I’ve got all kinds fulfilling of double-trouble planned for the next few days.

Maybe, just maybe, I can rope my sis’ into coming to back to Steamboat again

with some of our East Coast girlfriends!

What a gift of a lifetime to spend a birthday with my twin after all these years.

If my memory serves me right the last time we celebrated a birthday together was thirty-some years ago.

Jan, could that be right? Or am I suffering from memory lapses due to aging? Nah…couldn’t be –

We are still only little squirts! (Remember how Dad used to call us that?)

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Mississippi

  1. Happy Birthday Sue and Jan! I hope you’re having a memorable celebration.
    2 1/2 years ago, my youngest sister and I had a joint celebration of our milestone birthdays – our birthdays are both in December and it was my 50th and her 40th. This was the first time we could recall having a joint celebration of a “big birthday” and it was very special.
    Have fun!

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