Glam Outdoor Wear of Yesteryear

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A smile happens in a flash but it’s memory lasts a lifetime” ~ Unknown
vintage ski wear1Oh, how outdoor clothing for the north country has evolved. A lot of time and research is now put into fabrics and construction of outdoor wear that is designed to be the most rugged, weather-proof, comfortable and warm. There is a whole science behind it – even right down to the manufacturing of socks! .

Back when I was learning to ski in the 1950s and 1960s, clothing manufacturers didn’t have the variation of fabrics that are available today. There was wool and wool. That’s about it. But the new generation of wool is nothing like it used to be.  Remember how  heavy it was when it got wet, and the smell? Peewww…. (Can’t figure out how to describe it – but the smell was icky!) Fashions have changed tremendously over the decades of my lifetime. Here is an article from the Vintage Traveler about the evolution of ski wear.

fur hat and muffWhat little girl in the 1950s and 1960s didn’t just adore her fur hat and muff when it was frigid out.  We felt as highstylin’ and glam as our mothers when they went out  in their “Persians” with fur collars.

And remember the long “stocking caps?”  The cashier at the local A & P knew  everybody, including my little brother, Scott, by his vintage stocking capsignature long, red tasseled stocking cap. Whenever my mom came into the grocery store without my youngest brother, the lady at the checkout always asked “Where’s the little boy with the red stocking cap?”

It tickles me to look back on old styles. With the long lives that most people live today – sometimes people are around long enough to see things make comebacks!

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