Discussing Eggs and Life


“Mom,” my 27 year old son said to me during my visit in February, “What kind of eggs do you buy at the grocery store?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “whatever is the least expensive. Usually store brand.”

“You know, I’ve gotten to be an egg snob.”

“You have?”I asked with an element of surprise in my voice. “So, why have you become an egg snob?”

“Eggs aren’t all the same, you know.”

Yes, being a fraternal twin I am aware of that, I thought. But instead I responded, “I’ve bought brown eggs when they are running a special, and I can honestly say, I have noticed a difference. But,” I continued, “I try not to sweat the small stuff in life. That’s why I don’t read every label. Sometimes you have to trust life and ask yourself  is the brand of food I buy really going to significantly change the outcome of my life? I mean, you could drive yourself crazy making decisions like that at the grocery store. I have not been kept on this earth all these years, as healthy as I have been, because God wanted me to spend my time agonizing over every food choice at the grocery store. I’d like to think HIS plans for me were different than that.”

Our egg and life discussion continued a little longer about the pro’s and con’s of evaluating every single item that we put in our stomachs, and whether that is a healthy way to live or not.  When my son and I have thought provoking talks it brings me great happiness because it feels like it draws us closer to understanding one another.

Ok, so, now  two months later I know what the lengthy egg discussion was REALLY all about. My son was using his acumen to get my opinion on something because he was trying decide whether he liked an idea or not.

Guess what? We are back to chicken talk. My son and his gal, a nutritionist, have decided to engage in their own “urban living” chicken project so they can have fresh eggs on their side of the neighborhood.

meghan and chicks April 2015 CROPPED

Do you know what this means? I have become the grandmother of two chickens – what an interesting thought.

Charley Brown on worrying

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