Architecture in “Breck”


Color in certain places has the great value of  making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.” ~ Antoni Gaudi

That having been said, I’d like to extend the tour today of BreckCreate, a mountain community in Colorado where the arts is alive. Such is life in many towns in this State where creativity is much appreciated.

In the center of historic downtown, the Blue River Restoration Project is very visible. It is right outside the door of the Breckenridge Welcome Center. This article describes the project. Here are a few pictures.

Riverwalk sign


me in breck

At the River Walk Project – right outside the Breckenridge Visitors Center.

visitors ctr

You can get the picture from a few of the historical homes that are now retail establishments or restaurants what “Breck” is like. Fun to stroll the streets and take in the structures. Coming from a family of builders, that is what fulfills me when I visit a new place.




architect4While I was on my day trip to Breckenridge I came across some surprise things that related to books and publishing. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you all about it.

This blog is brought to you by the award-winning author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected, Sue Batton Leonard.

4 thoughts on “Architecture in “Breck”

  1. Hi Sue! I’m in Steamboat, crazy huh? I just read your blog post and looked at photos, sure doesn’t look like that out there right now, it’s snowing like crazy, I am only here til tomorrow, a very quick visit to help Sooner’s sweetheart Annie move in with him, yes, Sooner lives here!! Small world. Annie picked me up in Denver, I was at a training there, we drove up together and I have to leave tomorrow so it’s a very quick trip. But I’ll be back, and will reach out before I come so we can meet up for coffee. It would be so nice to see you. Sooner is so happy here, he’s a ski bum for now, a server at Ore House if you ever get over there. He skis as much as he can, and of course plays hockey at the rink and his gal is a dream. Your stuff looks great!! love, Clemma

  2. Clemma, Please, please do get in touch next time you are here. And thanks for info. about Sooner. I will know Sooner as soon as I see him, I am sure because he has those same steel grey/blue eyes as you! I can’t wait for your next visit so I can see you and glad to know Sooner is liking it in Steamboat. Its a wonderful place with a real sense of community. Marc will be here at Xmas (hopefully with his gal so it would be fun for those guys to ski together.)

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