We are All Directors

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Last weekend I was finally among a community of local creatives. Although we all want to be directors of our own lives, I’ve been mindful to follow all the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and vaccinations. It has required much patience to a newcomer in a community who has been dying to get out and meet people with like interests in the neighborhood at large. I can’t begin to imagine how stiffled extraverts have felt.

I had a wonderful time talking to people and making connections, which is always of primary importance to me. I rarely think about rising costs of printing and publishing, statistics of books sold and definitely never about outselling anyone else. For me, it’s about being in community with others. I don’t see myself in competition with any other author. Heck, I could never come up with any of the ideas anyone else writes about even if I tried. Creativity energy is an individual thing, as unique to each one of us as our Creator has made us.

What I do think about is the investment I’ve made in myself in following my passion, and how fulfilled I feel by all the necessary steps it has taken to do the work – by educating myself on writing and independent publishing, creating the product, marketing it, and essentially creating a small creative business for myself. A real journey in very intentional self-development.

Although the road has not been easy, and there have been many ups and downs, it feels good not arduous and painstaking. It leads me to believe I have chosen this path for all the right reasons and that feels good.

All independent artists are we! Our own art of living includes directing our creative lives with whatever energy we have that brings us personal fulfillment. For some of us it’s literary arts for others photography, leathercraft, jewelry, fiber arts, pottery and much, much more such as those who enjoy involvement in the performance arts.

Here are a few collages of photos from the Authors and Artists Holiday Sale. My apologies that I can not name each and every author and artist in this blog. My time was limited in getting around to each and every display and I was unable to keep track of the names of each of the thirty-five participating artists.

Blessed beyond measure with this gift of a life I have been given! Thank you God, for everything.

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