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Wickford, Rhode Island church

My twin sister and I walked the village streets of Wickford, Rhode Island one stellar day in October. The conversation went like this, “Oh, Sue, look at the dental molding on that house!”

“Don’t you love the classic design of these historical homes?”

“How about the eyebrow window on that place. Don’t you just love it?”

“Jan,” I said, “See the beautiful white steeple in the distance? The church has got to be just as beautiful. Let’s swing around and see it.”

We’d both stop in our tracks at the same time when we spied a beautiful harbor view behind a house and exclaim the prime setting, or ooh and ahh over a beautiful garden or a picture-worthy old home.

Yep! That’s how we roll. Such is the verbal exchange of two daughters of a five generation family of builders who find just looking at houses and churches more satisfying than going into a lovely jewelry store and buying. And we both hold the same opinion – cozy and diminutive holds our fancy as much as big nests.

Wickford Charmers

Lovely visit I had to the community village of Wickford, Rhode Island. My sister and I were so busy walking down the lovely lanes and streets, we entered into only one of it’s beautiful shops and none of the restaurants. We’d brought a picnic lunch and sat by the harbor. But, that is ok! It gives me a reason to go back next time I am in the neighborhood of this historic town which is just a leap over a bridge near Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island.

Life is what you make it. Find your own path to fulfillment. ~ Anonymous

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