What is it, Baby Boomer?

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Today will be a  test of your memory, baby boomer. Who remembers these common household items from their childhood? What was their utilitarian function? If you can identify every single one, you’ve earned an A+ in 1950 and 1960’s artifacts from yours truly.

Sprinkler bottle for ironing and starch

baby boomer quiz 7

baby boomer quiz 8

Baby boomer quiz1

baby boomer quiz 6

baby boomer quiz4

baby boomer quiz5

Hope you enjoyed going back into your mother’s or grandmothers household cupboards and kitchens today on All Things Fulfilling. Our generation has seen many changes in appliances and technology over our lifespan.

This blog brought to you by author Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected. The book is a Finalist in the EVVY book awards and it is available in audio, paperback and e-book through this link.