It’s Baltimore Lexicon, Hon


If someone asked me to describe the people around the area where I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, I’d have to say –

MD-Flag-croppedLoyal to their State.” In my opinion, that’s why so many Marylander’s rarely leave the state boundaries. Ocean City is the be all, end all, for family vacation spots for many Baltimoreans.

They are as loyal to “Bawlmer” as they are to their unique lexicon that they speak. It’s hard not to lapse back into it when I return to the soil of my native roots.

I may have to take some heat from my “Murlin” readers for these huge generalizations. Unless things have changed dramatically since the years of my childhood, I stand behind my opinions.

It’s ok if y’all send me a little feedback. I am only sharing what I noticed from my growing up. When I left hoskull and went off to cah-widge, I noticed a lot about y’all in Murlin. Besides, hon,we all have our own bleefs, including the Calf Licks. As long as I don’t end up going in the amblance to the hospital, a little heat from my readers won’t be harble. Bring it on, hon, bring it on.

family & love

This blog brought to you by All Things Fulfilling and the author of A Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected. Despite all my teasing about Maryland accents, please don’t ban me from the State of Murlin. I many want to do some book presentations! It is the setting of my publication.