I Am a Rock…I Am an Island


“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ~Galileo Galilei

 The other day, I posted a poll on All Things Fulfilling about the use of social media marketing for advertising and promotion. We encourage our readers to participate in the poll. It takes one second to select one of three choices and hit submit. Nothing to it! Here is a link that takes you directly to the poll. http://bit.ly/MpETzc.

I subsequently received an e-mail from my twin sister asking me my opinion of whether e-marketing is a passing trend or here to stay. Here is what she said verbatim. “I think people will tire quickly of FB, Twitter, etc. I really don’t enjoy it and think it will wear itself out but I may be the exception. What do you think since you use it all the time and if it fizzles what do you think will be the next thing in getting the word out for people with businesses since advertising had become so cost prohibitive.” 

Although my sister has tried hard to try to understand alot of what I do through my work, by being one of my most faithful readers of this blog, sometimes I think, she thinks, I am part of a “woo-woo” society because of the language I speak. I’ve been talking the language of independent publishing since 1998, and  some years ago I added social media dialect to my vernacular, too.

So that my sister doesn’t “give me the devil” for not answering her question, my opinion is that “social media is the foundation for a new generation of entrepreneurs in this century. The young professionals, who are up and coming, have different skill sets because they grew up on computers and they will use technology and all the advances that goes with it,  in ways that we can not even imagine to make money. ” That’s called progress. I have faith in it,  that is why I use it so extensively.

Am I rock solid in my thinking or am I an “island” out in the big blue ocean without a clue of what is going on in this 21st century? Fulfill my need to know how others feel about this issue of whether or not social media marketing is a passing trend, by answering the poll. Thanks!

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