Keeping Sunday Special

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Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week ~Joseph Addison

Is there anything in your life that makes Sunday special? Or for you is Sunday the same routine as very other day of the week?

father and daughterEvery Sunday: A Father & Daughters’ Enduring Connection by Donna W Dearborn is a story about a promise kept and treasured. The story goes like this –  when Dearborn left home for college, she promised her father she would write to him every Sunday and her father promised the same to her. Well beyond college, for thirty two years, the practice endured.

As the author’s father aged, the letters became even more important to keep his memories alive of all the fun he and his daughter had  together in large part through an active lifestyle.  You see, they’d been hiking companions throughout Donna’s growing up. Spending quality time together was put high on the priority list when Donna was a young child and it remained at the top to the credit of both parties. The two obviously enjoyed being together.

Do you have a “Sunday story” you’d like to tell? Writing is an important way to preserve culture. Not every relationship is joyful and happy, but there are lessons to be learned from all stories. With the ability to publish independently in this digital world we live in, memoirs and autobiographies are becoming an ever more popular genre of writing. Here is a good article about why memoirs are important not just for the writer but also for the reader. Jane Friedman talks about the up-tick in memoir writing in her article.

For those who are interested in writing stories of faith, here is another article about the importance of storytelling for future generations.

Here is a writing prompt to get you started on writing your story of faith.  Sunday is a day like no other because it allows us to (fill in your thoughts!)

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Fulfilling Reading for 2014

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Over the past four or five days, I have mentioned some hefty goals for myself in the New Year. According to the article I posted a week or so ago about how our morning routine helps us to accomplish our goals, please note there is a much better success rate of achieving our aspirations if we write down our plans. The commitment to making them happen is much greater.

So, I’m going to state right now I want to read more non-fiction in 2014. I prefer non-fiction over fiction, and get sidetracked by fictional stories too often. It’s too easy to be drawn into stories of other people and go on journeys with people I don’t even know. There’s an article in the Huffington Post called Why We Care about Fictional Characters, by Blakey Vermeule, who writes that “people need to know what other people are like.” That explains why I get pulled into others tales.

Here is my short list of non-fiction I want to read in 2014:

  • Give and Take
  • David & Goliath
  • Contagious
  • The Examined Life
  • Lean In: Women, Work & the Will to Lead
  • Master Mind
  • Decisive
  • Faith Powered Profession

live fulfilledPersonal insights into what makes a person “tick” can be gained through reading non-fiction: memoirs and autobiographies. One of my goals as I have gone through the writing process of recording my own personal story, has been to give the reader some insight into why I find living ones life with purpose, faith and personal fulfillment is so very important. It matters.

Hmmm….each one of these books on my list looks terrific. Where do I start?

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