Same Image, Different Feelings

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We suffer primarily not from our own vices of weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place.” ~ Daniel J Boorstin

Isn’t it strange how one photo shown to two different people illicit different feelings?

gym uniformsDo you remember these physical education class uniforms from the late nineteen-sixties? Mine was yellow and skirted. When I see this picture the first thing that comes to mind is a time in my life when I felt I didn’t measure up. These feelings come from what I thought this uniform made me feel like when I put it on as an adolescent girl. As an adult, I know differently – we can take charge of our own emotions and cultivate positive feelings within ourselves.

If you showed this gym uniform from the same era to my husband the first thing that would come to his mind would be buoyant feelings of a time in his life with “stardom and awards.”

Isn’t it strange how people traveling down the road of life at the same time can have two very different experiences? That is what makes reading personal narratives so interesting! Sometimes memoirs are fascinating because we can so closely relate to the characters or the story and other times we do not relate at all, but we find it intriguing to see life through a different heart. Yet somehow through books and stories we often connect with others on some level.

Coming this spring will be a new publication, a personal narrative, authored by me, the blog mistress of All Things Fulfilling.  This blog is brought to you by

New Found Treasures


“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” ~ Anthony J D’Angelo

Peeps writing to Meems in armyFamily photos are some of the greatest treasures we could ever own. Last summer, my parents gave an unexpected gift to our family by revealing some never before seen photos they had gotten out of storage. The image that really stole my heart more than any other is this image of my father writing a letter to my mother (as he did almost daily) when he was in the army. On the crude wooden desk, made with 2” X 4”s was a framed picture of the love of his life, my mother, looking right at him as he wrote the letter.

My parents were childhood friends beginning at 10 or 11 years of age. They grew up one street apart from one another. That childhood friendship developed into a love relationship that has lasted, in a marriage, for 65 years. But what transpired throughout the course of their lives and some of the things they coped with as very young adults and newly-married is part of the treasure in my own personal narrative that will be published in spring 2014.

As I look at this image of my parents, it fulfills me to know that from the union of my father (who was an only child) and my mother (who had one brother), our family has become very large. Each person added by birth or marriage is like newly found treasure – each contributing to the whole with individual interests and passions that make for beautiful gatherings. The conversations when we are all together range from custom home building and architecture, to fitness, food and fashion design, to homeopathics and neonatal nursing, to boats, marine logistics and shipping, to writing, publishing and filmmaking. (How is that for a run on sentence?) And lest I forget – we now have a student of equine medicine in training! Diverse and widespread interests all in one family. But what binds us all together, besides the caring, is the love of books and reading, first nurtured by my parents.

If you are wondering how to instill a love of reading in your children, here is an article with 11 great tips.

And all these years later, despite every life challenge and obstacle, my parents are still each other’s best friends. Isn’t that an ultimate love story?

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Wrapped in a Blanket and a Movie

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I just want others to understand that it is within their power to take a dream from inside their hearts and begin making it their life’s work. ~  John Mitchell

Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, and the Hallmark Channel has already begun broadcasting Christmas movies. Last Sunday I decided that after church and after my daily walk that I was going to take the afternoon of the Sabbath seriously – no writing, no reading, no cleaning of the house. I was going to sit and enjoy a sappy Christmas movie that had attracted my attention as I channel surfed.

As I sat, wrapped in a blanket with popcorn and hot chocolate in hand, I began to think how this movie was no different than any of the other Christmas movies I have seen in my lifetime. But I still never get tired of watching sappy holiday films. The issues in the plots of holiday movies are nearly always the same – about a broken family, unrequited love, a romance gone wrong or the struggles of a lonely heart club member. The ending of the story is always fulfilling –  tied up with an uplifting message.  Sweet Christmas movies remind me to believe in the goodness of humanity and to always look for it inside people.

The Christmas CardThe Christmas Card is one holiday movie I have not yet seen, and it is upcoming on the “Heart of TV” – The Hallmark Channel. Here is the link to the programming schedule for Christmas movies you can watch right from the comfort of your living room.

You must be thinking I am off my rocker with all this talk of Christmas already. Well, here in the northwest corner of Colorado, we have already had about 50 inches of snow this season. The weather broadcasters are saying it is “the earliest winter ever.” To me, as I look my window on this first week of November, it may as well be Christmas. The earth is wrapped in a blanket of sparkly white already.

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