What will Tomorrow’s Picture Bring?

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Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their minds can not change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

On Saturday evening I went to the movies and saw Philomena. Judy Dench was outstanding in her role, and I hope she is awarded an Oscar for her performance. The movie had a lot of important and controversial issues to reflect upon. As I watched the movie I thought about how integral dialogue has become to telling a story brought to cinema. “Talkies” gave way to a whole new generation of movies for the theatre. Now we are in the digital age of filmmaking which brings more changes to the industry.

I used to think that those behind the scenes of making a movie were inconsequential, that the only thing that really mattered was the actors’ performance. I’ve gained a new respect for the entire process of filmmaking since my son is in the business. In deference to all, I now feel  it’s necessary to pay attention to the long list of credits at the end of the film. The cast and crew is no longer a half dozen people like during the days of silent movies. With each passing decade the list of technicians who make movies come to life seems to get longer and more impressive as skills of the filmmaking artists become more specialized.

view master If you are a baby boomer you will remember the excitement of looking at film images through the Viewmaster. How far we have come from looking at film from one of these devices!

In retrospect, the idea of getting a thrill by looking at images through one of these devices is now laughable. Techniques of creating visual images sure have changed since the days of the Viewmaster. Now we can even stream film videos from our computers and from mobile telephones! Who would have thunk it fifty or sixty years ago?

Throughout this week on All Things Fulfilling, I will be posting other images that will arouse memories for baby boomers. Stay tuned!

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Film Friday: Philomena

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When you forgive, you in no way forget the past but you sure do change the future.” ~ Bernard Meltzer

Tomorrow evening I’m looking forward to heading to the movies with a friend to see Philomena.

PhilomenaThis film has been nominated for Best Film of the Year by the Academy. Perhaps it will win an Oscar on March 2nd. It stars actress Judy Dench and it is based on the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith. It’s about a British journalist who happens upon a story of a young Irish women who is searching for her grown son who was born out of wedlock and given away when she was a teenager in a Catholic convent. The journalist and Philomena find themselves in America looking for her lost son. Revelations and discovery in the process of uncovering the past lead both mother and journalist to challenge their values.

This movie is getting great reviews, and Dench is said to be “phenomenal” in her role.

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Have a nice weekend! See you on Monday on  All Things Fulfilling.

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