Crossing Over: Two Worlds Converge

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“I think the market is converging now….This is where it has all been leading.”   ~ Douglas Smith

Since my world is the non-traditional publishing industry I admittedly do not know everything there is to know about the traditional publishing world. This summer, I learned something from a person who has dealt with the traditional publishing industry for more years than she probably cares to count. She shared with me about the traditional publishing houses “the more the publishing company pays for the manuscript (or the higher the royalties), the more effort is put into marketing the book.” Well, that makes sense! The traditional publishing companies want to make sure they recapture their investment, and way more, through book sales.

Unless a writer has an established name for themselves, more and more authors in the traditional publishing world are being expected to promote themselves and their books. Many are not at all prepared for that – especially in this day and age. No longer does book publicity mean book signings and book release parties. It also means knowing how to hype your self, as an author, and your publication over the internet. Fulfilling this obligation to self-promote is more time consuming than one might think!

If writing is your primary business, do you have extra hours in your day or the knowledge of digital marketing to effectively handle this part of being in business as a writer in today’s world? If not, contact a company that handles e-marketing for independent publishers. They will help lift the burden, so you can concentrate on what you do best – writing!

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