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“Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.” ~ Anonymous

Have you ever noticed that when you become friends with someone, the more you know about them – the more you want to know about them? Enter the world of e-marketing! Digital marketing is fulfilling this need for people wanting know everything about a person, place or thing prior to meeting them in person or engaging in business together.

If you are not well versed in this new-fangled way of marketing, it is confusing territory to enter into. There is without a doubt, consumer psychology behind this marketing tactic that needs to be understood in order for it to be used it effectively. After all, you want to turn people on and not off! For more information on how the psyche affects our thinking, please visit http://bit.ly/bPGCX0.

In case you have not noticed, we are living in times where privacy is difficult to find. There are arguments for and against this way of living. But, it has created a need for fans of independent publishers (such as writers, filmmakers and musicians) to want to know more about the people behind the words and images, and about people that make businesses tick.

Business owners, are you using this to your advantage? By becoming more visible, the opportunity for lead generation and sales of your products increases. Let the folks that understand the new consumer psychology behind this non-traditional way of marketing help you – look for a company that specializes in e-marketing for independent publishers.  They can help you plan for success in this strange new world of digital marketing.

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