Protecting against the Elements


“Every day may not be good, but there’s some thing good in every day.”   ~Author Unknown

It was inevitable. After months of watching 320+ inches of snow fall from the sky and fulfill it’s need to coat everything from roads to houses, to mountaintops, to cars, to animals, to trees, to rivers and every other surface within its reach, including me, I have begun to see only what can be described as disparate shades of white. I have forgotten what shades of glorious green, fun-loving fuchsia, perky periwinkle, luscious lemon yellow, outrageous orange and lady-like lavender even look like. Not even a hue of  tawny-tan is in sight. Pitiful! 

Every time I go to my computer and pull up a new Word Document to begin to compose my blog of the day all I see is white, white and more white! What is a blogger to do? All the colors of my life have gone into hiding, my creativity has vanished. There is no hope for beautiful, rhythmic prose for this day. Can’t even think of a single metaphor for how I am feeling. As I start to read what I have written, the alliteration seems to be all wrong.  I could try using a little hyperbole to get me started but I can’t even think what that is. There is not even an oxymoron in sight to help me out.  

All I see is a world devoid of color – just more white. Thirty-five years of living in snow country gets to me, big time, by this time of year. It happens by the end of February, when winter is at war with my psyche. It becomes a real sad state of affairs. It is the only time I wish my life away with thoughts of retiring to tropical climates where all the colors of the rainbow can be seen in beautiful flowers, birds and oceans filled with aquas, ultra-marines, royal blues and indigos to carry me away. 

I can’t let the winter doldrums get me down! I am going to rebel, and take charge of my own situation. Music is said to open up our unconscious mind. There has got to be beautiful images and words of color somewhere back there in the recesses of my mind. Perhaps if I open up my musical first aid kit the images will spring forth and shake me from the winter writing blues. Some swear by Mozart for his arrangement of musical notes, other writers attest to the powers of writing to light jazz. Classical movie scores are always fun or a little boogie-woogie might add some light-heartedness to my day. I’m staying away from country cowboys singing of broken hearts and stolen love, I’ll tell you that right now. That will only make things worse!  

I can take no more white anything! I don’t care that each snowflake has it’s own unique shape, one more beautiful than the next! March is just around the corner, so I’ll gladly accept no more snow! And no more white Word Document pages and no more white sound! I’ve got to keep telling myself that all things vanilla will pass – they always do.

Whew – I feel better. That took a lot of effort – for someone who didn’t have a thing to say this day – somehow, 536 words spewed forth.

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2 thoughts on “Protecting against the Elements

  1. For seeing only white, you successfully brought a lot of color into your writing today. You took charge and wrote a creative blog, full of beautiful imagery! Hold on, spring is coming and we will appreciate it all the more when it gets here!

  2. yeah, ok Jan. Perhaps by July we will see shades of green. Easy for you to say spring is coming when you live in a place where just 24 inches of snow is over the top.
    Tomorrow will be a better day – maybe I’ll hit the tanning booth.

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