Individual Integrity in Publishing

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I received an interesting blog comment two weeks ago from a reader regarding the post “Paranormal Book Sales.”  The response from the reader was that if “he was going to put his work out there,” meaning publish it, “he wanted his book in-print.” I respect that! Deciding whether to publish an e-book or a book in- print, or audio book  is an individual decision, there is no right or wrong. Depends on your purpose and objectives for publishing and what feels right.

The same reader went on to say that not only does he want his book in print, “he wants the second opinion of an editor.” My reply to his remark “publishing an e-book does not preclude you from having a book edited.” This brings up a good point for our blog subject today.

Editors are key players when it comes to putting quality publications and productions into the market place. Authors use editors. Filmmakers use editors. Music producers use  audio editors.

From the point of view of a person serving the independent publishing industry, putting quality publications out into the marketplace is of foremost importance, if non-traditional publishing is to continue to grow. Having a publication edited is all part of the process.

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association has been a leading force in getting high quality independent e-books into library catalogs. Excellence is crucial in order to advance this trend. I endorse this position whole heartedly!

Eric Leppert’s words about fulfilling a responsibility to an industry in my opinion, is spot on. “Professionalism is not about adherence to the policies of a bureaucracy. Professionalism is about having the integrity, honesty, and sincere regard for the personhood of the customer, in the context of always doing what is best for the business.”

More independent thoughts, words and views from will be posted tomorrow. Please return!

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