Regard for the Book


Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own. – Jean Toomer

Snakes, fingernails scraped across a chalk board and bedbugs are just a few things that make people cringe. What makes me cringe? Books being transported, in tote bags, to book selling events and ill-fitting cartons, which allow books to slide.

Last week, over the internet, on an on-line forum for independent publishers, a person posed a question “Should books be shrink wrapped or not?”

“ Yes…..yes…,” I said “it is worth the extra expense!”

A pet peeve for me is seeing paperback books and hard-covered books with dust jackets being sold with dog-eared corners and pages, when the buyer is expecting brand new.  Independent publishers, it has become even more important to sell your publications at book events in pristine condition. If someone wants to buy a used book, they will go to a place like Amazon or a bookstore that sells used books and pay less than top price.

If you are selling your book at top price, have your books shrink wrapped, so your buyer is guaranteed the purchase of a brand new book. Don’t want to go to the extra expense, you say? If you are handing your own order fulfillment, consider doing the shrink wrapping yourself. Here is a resource for  supplies.

Respect the product you have lovingly created, respect your customer and the money they are spending for a new publication and respect yourself as a top quality independent publisher. It is as simple as that.

Return tomorrow for a tip or two on how to select an order fulfillment company that respects your publications, too.

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4 thoughts on “Regard for the Book

  1. Thank you Sue. I always enjoy reading your site! I appreciate you sharing it with your readers.
    FYI. I have written an article for the spring issue of the new on-line magazine, www.
    Ryan Mellody, the publisher and curator of design is doing an exceptional job. I’ll post more news about his new approach in my next blog entry. Cheers! Kristen

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