Fulfillment Etiquette at Thanksgiving


Self expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment.” ~ Pearl S Buck

Dear Ms. Nice Netiquette: 

 I am writing to you because I am faced with a dilemma that involves fulfillment. I am hoping that you and our internet readers will send me their opinions. Here is the situation: 

A large part of my East Coast family, which is a lot of people, are planning to meet myself, my husband and our son, in the southwestern part of the country for Thanksgiving. We are really looking forward to having  ‘turkey day’ in a unique region and showing the “East Coasters” something different. 

All say that getting together and having fun is what is important. That part is easy- thankfully, we are not like some families that you read about that leave gatherings arguing and at odds with each other.

The dilemma is this – What to have for Thanksgiving? We will be in a rental place with a kitchen so we could pull most anything off – if, I’ll reiterate “if” we really want to. Some are stuck on the idea of having the traditional Thanksgiving Day fare. Others say “who cares? Let’s go get tacos or something different.” Traditionalists retort, “What is Thanksgiving without all the trimmings?” Myself, I just want us to all be together. Our opportunities for reunions have gotten less frequent because some have moved from the East to various parts of the country  – that makes it difficult. 

Trying to satisfy so many different tastes is a predicament. Some of them would eat anything. Others are vegans, some are classified as just plain organic or health food conscious,  others don’t tolerate hot or spicy stuff. We have a gourmet chef  in the family but, we will be nice and give him the day off since he will be on vacation.

Please, Ms. Nice Netiquette, send me some signals – your advice, your opinion, a tip- off, a wink, a nod in the right direction…anything, so I will know what to do in this situation. I am the person in charge.

I am interested in knowing what you would do to make sure everyone has a fulfilling meal for Thanksgiving. I know the holiday is still two weeks away but please send me your thoughts. I want to begin my planning. 

Thank you, Miss Nice Netiquette for your help.

Signed, Grateful  for my family and our Thanksgiving get together.

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2 thoughts on “Fulfillment Etiquette at Thanksgiving

  1. fDon’t make it harder than it is. Since we are all adults, we are responsible for what we eat !! Those who are vegans add vegan food to whatever meal most of us are eating. Those who eat healthy food can add food they want to eat to meal and those who don’t care for spicy can add or subtract what they want. It’s on each individual who chooses to eat a little differently than the main menu. Whatever that is !! Make it fun—not work. Everyone has his own job to adapt the menu to his concerns.

  2. We will keep it simple, and I posted this more for the benefit of others who face the same situation with the way people eat in this day and age. Because I know our family is typical of many others out there.

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