Film Friday: Ted

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Teddy bears don’t need hearts, they are already stuffed with love.” ~ Anonymous 

Ted_posterWho didn’t have a favorite teddy bear as a child? For some kids, giving up a favorite stuffed animal is more difficult than others. Letting go means growing up, and sometimes that is hard to do. 

Ted, which is a movie that is all about a boy’s fulfilling relationship with his treasured friend, and how his unwillingness to let go of it affects others in his life. 

This comedy, from the creators of FamilyMan, staring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth McFarland has gotten good reviews. To read more about the movie and watch a trailer, please visit this link.

Please note this movie is NOT FOR CHILDREN, IT IS “R” RATED. While the storyline sounds “cute”, it has a spoiler to some people’s way of thinking. Unfortunately,  “Ted” a lovable, cuddly little creature long associated with childhood, good feelings and innocence has beenTED pared with a film with swear language, scenes with drugs and booze. “Ted” learns some realistic but not so nice things about life from it’s owner. But, as we all know, far too often filmmakers feel the need to include “bad boy” behavior to draw in the audience, create conflict or make movies appeal to adults. Never the less, their is some good humor to be found in this movie.

Click here for info & ordering Ted

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