Fulfilling Holiday Appetites

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Something about an old-fashioned Christmas is hard to forget.” ~Hugh Downs 

Isn’t it odd how we associate certain foods with certain people? My maternal Grandmother passed away when I was a very young child, but one of my most lucid, wonderful memories of her is the chicken stew she fed me when I went to her house. It was so delicious, right out of a can, heated up.  Thoughts of the stew, makes my mouth water. And my paternal grandmother’s greatest joy in life was feeding others. Her basement pantry was large. My sister and I loved going in her cellar to see what was stocked. 

When I was a child, our neighbors found personal fulfillment in “gifting” home baked food at Christmastime. HomemadeChristmas in a jar root beer arrived each year from the family next door. Other neighbors sent cookies, date nut bread or a can of pickled beets or green beans from the garden. My mother always gave back,  something a little different each year – to surprise. This type of gift giving is fun, economical and it  “feels good” because it comes from the heart.  It is  just one way of  how we form  associations of certain foods with certain people.

Christmas has gotten so commercialized and out of control. Need some suggestions of homemade gifts to give someone? Here is a list of one hundred. Some of these gifts can be made by getting children involved in the process, providing quality time between parent and child. http://bit.ly/ZdmMqE

goulasch-with-spaetzleAt our house,  Christmas Eve dinner is a recipe that was passed along from my maternal grandmother.  “Spiced Beef” with spaetzle or egg noodles. I cook it for my husband and my son just once a year so it is special. There would be trouble in the house, if it wasn’t on the Christmas Eve table. Since cooking is not one of my passions, (although I do enjoy baking), it brings me great joy to think that a few recipes that I have fed my family over the years brings them fulfilling feelings during the holidays. It is really what Christmas is all about.

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