Salisbury Book Artist


Success in any endeavor requires single minded attention to detail and total concentration. ~ Willy Sutton

My husband and I recently took in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Cambridge, Maryland. I became aware of a collective of book artists from Salisbury, Maryland through the Main Street Gallery.

IMAG0774Artists Lisa Fritts, Martha Graham, Barbara Israel, Bonnie Lavish, Victoria Noonan, Barbara Schultz  charmed me with their handmade books using recycled materials, assorted ribbons, and other found items including memorabilia. These creations provide a visionary art experience allowing the viewer to enter a book, without words, and imagine what the book is all about.

This collective of book artists have displayed their work at SalisburyUniversity and according to the college “the art form is derived from ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets and papyrus.” . Book art has seen a revival in the past decade, and colleges, are offering courses in book art as part of their curriculum.

The artist’s imagination, eye for detail and color and their visions brought together fulfilling IMAG0771pieces of art that I really appreciated seeing. It was one of the best exhibits of book art I have seen all under one roof.

I’ll let you in on a little secret tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling! This blog brought to you by .

Book on Upper Left: by Barbara Schultz

Book on Lower Right: by Bonnie Lavish

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