Film Friday: Praying with Lior

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“Captivating. Makes believers out of us all” ~ L.A. Times

Last Saturday evening, I attended the screening of one the most heartwarming documentary films I have ever seen called Praying with Lior: Faith Can be Simple.

It was shown at the UnitedMethodistChurch in Steamboat, but it was brought to our community by the Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, Har Mispacha.

Lior Liebling is a boy with Downs Syndrome who lives in the Philadelphia area, the son of a Jewish rabbi. Beginning at a very young age, his mother sang Jewish chants and songs to him as she calmed him in the rocking chair. His parents soon began to take notice of his rapt attention to her words, and then as he began growing out of infancy, his unusual interest in divining (prayer).

As Lior grows, his ability to communicate from his heart, rather than through his intellect, about what faith means builds connections with other people, who believe he is “spiritually gifted.” When asked what Lior thinks having Downs Syndrome means, he replies he thinks he has “UP Syndrome” instead.

praying with liorWatching this film will help viewers believe in the power of kindness, no matter what religious affiliation or spiritual leanings one might have and that joy builds relationships between people. Lior Lieblig is a just one star in the galaxy of special needs children that I believe were put on this earth, by God, to teach lessons to others.

This multi-award winning film is all about community, what it means to have a family that truly appreciates and supports the uniqueness of spirit. I went to this movie having high expections, which were fulfilled. It will make you laugh and deeply touch your heart – the film is beautiful in every way.

Praying with Lior: Faith Can be Simple, and independent film, can be ordered through Netflix and also through the Internet Movie Data Base

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