An Age Old Question

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If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in. ~Rachel Carson

Before I start today’s blog, I have a special birthday to acknowledge – my husband’s.  My partner in life helped create the artist featured in yesterdays blog. As a role model and teacher to our son, he could not have been a more involved father. But then, he was experienced because he has mentored many stellar students. Happy Birthday, Coach!

Across the ages, and across the lands, children have wondered the same things “Who created the universe – the sky, the planets, the stars, human beings?”

playdough poemThe Playdough Poem, by author Sandra Edwards, published by Wine Press Kids, helps to fulfill children’s need to know the answer to these questions. Using a literary work of art along with modeling clay, children can use their tactile skills to make their unique creations that to lead to the children’s understanding of the Universe. This independently published book is used as an art resource and educational activity in Sunday schools, Vacation Bible Schools and with homeschooled Christian families.

This book is written in three languages (English, French and Spanish) all in one publication, to reach multi-cultural communities. As an adult resource, The Playdough Poem is presented at leadership conferences helping teens and older individuals understand one of life’s revelations about creation. Once we arrive at adulthood, it is up to us to create our own lives into something divinely beautiful.

The Playdough Poem is available through iTunes, in paperback, as an e-book and there is even a YouTube video  which helps interested parties determine whether this book is suitable for sharing in certain environments. The book can be ordered from all over the world. For more information, please visit this website.

molding lives

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Film Friday: Praying with Lior

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“Captivating. Makes believers out of us all” ~ L.A. Times

Last Saturday evening, I attended the screening of one the most heartwarming documentary films I have ever seen called Praying with Lior: Faith Can be Simple.

It was shown at the UnitedMethodistChurch in Steamboat, but it was brought to our community by the Steamboat Springs Jewish Congregation, Har Mispacha.

Lior Liebling is a boy with Downs Syndrome who lives in the Philadelphia area, the son of a Jewish rabbi. Beginning at a very young age, his mother sang Jewish chants and songs to him as she calmed him in the rocking chair. His parents soon began to take notice of his rapt attention to her words, and then as he began growing out of infancy, his unusual interest in divining (prayer).

As Lior grows, his ability to communicate from his heart, rather than through his intellect, about what faith means builds connections with other people, who believe he is “spiritually gifted.” When asked what Lior thinks having Downs Syndrome means, he replies he thinks he has “UP Syndrome” instead.

praying with liorWatching this film will help viewers believe in the power of kindness, no matter what religious affiliation or spiritual leanings one might have and that joy builds relationships between people. Lior Lieblig is a just one star in the galaxy of special needs children that I believe were put on this earth, by God, to teach lessons to others.

This multi-award winning film is all about community, what it means to have a family that truly appreciates and supports the uniqueness of spirit. I went to this movie having high expections, which were fulfilled. It will make you laugh and deeply touch your heart – the film is beautiful in every way.

Praying with Lior: Faith Can be Simple, and independent film, can be ordered through Netflix and also through the Internet Movie Data Base

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Sculpture Artist Works Every Minute, Every Day


Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.” ~Robert Brault

 I wasn’t kidding last week when I said “I might just go find something fulfilling to do this spring, like play in a big sandbox, so I can once again view the world through the eyes of a child.” This Easter weekend, my husband, our adult son and I had a reunion  in southern Colorado, not too far from the border of New Mexico. We visited San Luis Valley to see  Great Sand Dunes National Park

There is an artist in residence at this National Park who works 24/7. She is assisted in her sculpture work by her helpers, the wind, the rain, the freeze and the thaw of the Colorado snow. The changing climate and seasons and the sub-surface aquifer also help to chisel and carve the sand sculpture created by the artist, Mother Earth. One only needs to stand amid this enormous natural sculpture for moments to realize that the sweeping winds change the shape and form of  nature’s art work  from moment to moment. 

The sand dunes at this National Park, surrounded by majestic 14,000 ft mountain peaks are the tallest sand dunes in North America. They measure 750 feet high covering more than 330 square miles. One of the most diverse parks in the country, the elevation ranges from 7,515’ to 13,604.’ It includes one of the rarest natural eco-systems on earth. From mountain peaks to sandy deserts to wetlands, this National Park leaves no doubt in one’s mind that God, the greatest architect in the World, created this glorious site for mankind to enjoy. For more information on how this vast area of sand was deposited in a very remote mountainous area of Colorado, visit

In a place where there are not many things to do other than witness the beauty of the Sangre de ChristoMountains(meaning blood of Christ) and the awesome Great Sand Dunes National Park, we filled our Easter baskets with remembering how nice it was to be all together again, as a family of three.

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