Reader Recognition on All Things Fulfilling

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Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  
~Marcel Proust

Dear Blog Reader, 

Book-BloggerToday is READER RECOGNITION DAY ON ALL THINGS FULFILLING. Whether this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon this blog or if you are one of our regular subscribers who requests that the daily blog posts be delivered to your inbox, I’d like to say thank you for your interest. You are the people who make blogging worthwhile and fun.

Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC has been empowering independent publishers since 1998. Since then, e-Commerce and e-Marketing has taken the publishing world out of the box!  A new generation of digitally published books, films and music has excited us about all kinds of things, including the future.

As you have probably noticed, there have been some changes to the visual appearance, and the services offered on this site. Hang tight… we are not finished yet! We like the new energy of the graphics but we have not yet rolled out all the changes.

Just as a baby does not suddenly become an adult overnight, that kind of change would be too drastic, we’ve decided to take a step by step approach, so our readers can gradually get used to seeing something new and different.

Our commitment and dedication to providing fulfilling content for our readers is as steadfast as ever. But, please pardon our appearance, as we blossom with change.  We are spiffing up our website, .

This blog brought to you by The place where independent thoughts, words and views are all part of the business.  See  you on Thursday, this week is zooming by fast.

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