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Mindful or  mind fullIn the space between your thoughts there is your truth. ~ Reuben Lowe

Every once in a while I need to put on the brakes and find some lifestyle-oriented solutions to slow down my journey through life. I usually need to have a come-uppance with myself after a busy summer. It’s good to switch gears from Mind Full to Mindful to remind myself that life is not a race, and to enjoy every task, each day, that I have been given.

 The pronunciation of the words Mind Full and Mindful are exactly the same, but take on two different stories if you put the emphasis in different places, capitalize different letters, and eliminate one of the L’s. Strange isn’t it?

For instance, if you asked someone what having a “Mind Full” morning means, the response may go something like this:

  • Take the kids to school
  • Drop the dog off at the groomer
  • Stop at the store for bread and milk
  • Run back home and throw laundry in the washer
  • Jump in the shower
  • Slap some ham and cheese between two pieces of bread for lunch
  • Remember to gas-up
  • Arrive at work only a few minutes late

If you told someone you’ve had a “Mindful morning,” you’d probably be implying you spent the early hours of your day:

  • Watching the sunrise
  • Sipping a mug of hot chai
  • Reading a passage in a daily  devotional
  • Taking a leisurely bath
  • Letting your hair air dry while you do your nails
  • Moseying on to work with plenty of time to spare

the exquisite riskThe Mindful morning sounds more appealing, doesn’t it?  Practicing mindfulness means listening to our inner whisperings in our jobs as well as in our personal lives. It reduces burnout because we work more efficiently and productively, eliminating the feelings of rushing thoughtlessly from task to task.

Just by rising a little earlier each morning it may be possible to switch from a Mind Full to a more Mindful existence. And you may get the benefit of seeing something new and fulfilling growing within yourself called contentment.

Are you ready to trade chaos for calm and face a new dawn? The Exquisite Risk: Living an Authentic Life by Mark Nepo may help convince you of the value. To check out this book and his others, please visit this website. Note that Mark Nepo will be appearing on Super Soul Sunday in November. See the details on his website.

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