Thoughtful Thursdays

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“…be fair simply because you’re doing the right thing.” ~ Dr. Robin Smith

Along with our change of logo it’s a good time to switch up some other things on this site. In my opinion, we are living in a world with too much focus on disturbing news. We need more outlets for life affirming stories – tales that help us to remember all the honorable people in the world who make every attempt to “do the right thing.” After all, it’s up to each and every one of us to do our part to create the kind of world we want to live in.

happy-kids-world-10980590I am going to do my very best, to do my part, every Thursday by recognizing and bringing light to a hopeful story about someone’s kindness and thoughtfulness. I am going to ask our subscribers and readers to help me out by sending me tales that you think ought to be recognized and featured on this website. You can share it by way of a link to something you read about on the internet, in the form of a quote or the title of a book or film or beautiful music that you think will help others to have faith in humanity, and also the talents of our country’s people.

Today as a prelude to the start of  Thoughtful Thursdays on All Things Fulfilling, I’d like to share with you what Dr. Robin Smith says about happiness. Please follow the link to her article 

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One thought on “Thoughtful Thursdays

  1. Look forward to reading Thoughtful Thursdays! Great way to share the little acts of kindness, happiness and good news that are often overlooked!

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