Revisiting a Fulfilling Subject

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Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~ Oscar Wilde

High school was not a fun time in my life. I could have cared less about academics. My theory why? At that time all my energy was being tapped into physical, and perhaps, emotional growth due to delayed development. Things changed when I became a college student, however. I began to excel and catch up.

joy de vivre Taking French in high school was one of my better subjects. I liked it, and studied it for four years. I’ve decided this year to reacquaint myself with the language. I’ve begun taking an on-line French class through  My twin sister told me about the program, and we are having fun trying to advance ahead of each other in the lessons.

It’s been a blast except I have been hung up on the part about food. There are so many forms of the word “manger” or “eat.” Trying to match the right conjugation with he, she, we, they or you has been challenging. For a culture that makes cuisine such a fulfilling part of their lives – the French sure make things difficult when it comes to expressing the word “eat.” I wouldn’t care so much except that I am trying to keep up with my sister! Hummm….that sounds familiar, when you read my memoir you will realize why this lesson has maybe been especially frustrating – it stirs up the pot of my history. No, you won’t be reading a story about eating disorders. Its a story about twins and one helps the other to keep going.

As I mentioned in a recent blog, over the next year I have personal development goals that I look forward to achieving – continuing to brush up on my French speaking skills is one of them. Life long learning keeps us vibrant and mentally stimulated.

What fulfilling things do you wish to pursue for personal growth and development in 2014? I’d like to hear from our readers.

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