Relationships and the Journey

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Work is holy, sacred, and uplifting when it springs from who we are, when it bears a relationship to our unfolding journey.” — Wayne Teasdale

Teasdale’s concept of work is interesting. I suppose he would say I have been doing some “holy work” since what I write about “springs from who I am” and what interests me as I have journeyed along with this industry of independent publishing. And I find my work extremely fulfilling – every day is an uplifting opportunity to share what I am doing through my writing.

Fortunately, there are others who are on the same path as I am, writing their own stories for film, books or through music in hopes of publishing it.  We share commonalities. I like the synchronicity of energy.

Marketing a publication (or product or service) successfully through the web takes skill in knowing how to identify your audience and how to reach out to prospective buyers. Have you been building the right relationships along your journey to independent publishing?


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