A Years’ Worth of Humor

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A well developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.” ~ William Arthur Ward

mark twain prize for humorA few weeks ago, the Mark Twain Prize was broadcast on PBS honoring comedian Carol Burnett. Her night of celebration brought so much pleasure to me as a viewer -it was fabulous. Over Burnett’s storied career she brought fulfilling entertainment to the public on TV and in theatres in shows such as “Once Upon a Mattress.” I hope you didn’t miss out on the special.

Everybody needs a good laugh every once in a while to help break the monotony of everyday living so today on Film Friday we are going to focus on the top comedy movies of 2013. When you need a little levity in your life, these movies can be located and ordered through www.imdb.com.

As you go through this list, remember, everyone’s interpretation of what is funny is different. Keep in mind that to some people some of these movies may be deemed tasteless, silly or the characters may be terribly flawed. But isn’t all art open to individual interpretation?

Here is the extensive list of the top comedy movies from 2013. http://bit.ly/1iCNa31.

Have a fun-filled weekend and a fulfilling new week ahead. See you on Monday. This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.

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