2014 Colorado Citizen of the Arts

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The strength of every democracy is measured by its commitment to the arts.” ~Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation

Today, I would like to acknowledge someone in our community! Photographer Jim Steinberg was recently named 2014 Colorado Citizen of the Arts. What a wonderful honor! http://bit.ly/1ky7g2V.

According to Steinberg’s website “he has traveled more than two million miles around the globe pursuing his passion for photography.” He and his mustard color 1980 Volvo station wagon have traveled many of these miles together. His car has been the subject of an article in the Steamboat Pilot. To read the full story, follow this link. http://bit.ly/1cSbImv .

His last book, Colorado Scenic Byways, Taking the Other Road won the 2008 Colorado Book Award in the pictorial category, as well as Forward Magazine’s 2009 National Book of the Year in the travel category. His stunning calendars featuring Colorado landscapes are also award-winners.

But, that is not all about Jim as an artist. He has proven himself to be a top-notch mentor and teacher for photography students. His workshops provide opportunities for students to travel with him in hot pursuit of captivating great scenes as well as intimate landscapes.

Chances are you have may seen some of Steinberg’s photographs in National Geographic, Backpacker, Audubon and Nature Conservancy magazines or other outdoors magazines.

Colorado Less TraveledSteinberg’s books provide treasured gifts for those who love Colorado as a place to ski, hike, live or travel. The outstanding panoramas that Colorado is known for are skillfully and exquisitely captured in all Portfolio Publications, including his calendars A Year in Colorado, the #1 Winner of the National Calendar Awards for 10 years running.

For more information on Steinberg’s award-winning publications, photo tours, photographic prints and calendars, please visit his website. Jimsteinbergphotography.com.

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