Author Spotlight: E.P. Lyn

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First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him! ~ Ray Bradbury 

book coverBradbury’s quote is literally what happens to Dez the female protagonist in author E.P. Lyn’s debut novel, The Sealed Ambition: Fire Echoes. Major and minor figures in the story trail the main character, some will go to any length to protect and defend, and help her come to terms with her powers and her destiny.Others want to harm her.

E.P. Lyn’s novel, in my opinion, contains elements of visionary fiction and fantasy, with a dash of mysticism. Yet the human emotions that are incorporated into the storyline are far from fabricated. I felt deeply by the end of the book that despite Dez’ unearthly powers, her capacity to understand the range of emotions that come with meaningful human relationships were very real.

As I read this first book in The Sealed Ambitions series, I couldn’t help but wonder how the author, a busy mother of five very young children, has had time to create such an imaginary story. When I asked the author, she admitted that it is difficult to carve out time but she writes whenever she can either early in the morning before the children are awake or late at night after the children have gone to bed. Her writing gives her a life apart from being “mom.” To read more about this why E.P. Lyn writes, please visit her blog

The writing is fast paced, and as a reader who does not always easily stay engaged in a story, my interest never lagged, not even for a moment. If you are a lover of fantasy and visionary fiction stories, put the “The Sealed Ambitions: Fire Echoes” on your Good Reads list – it is a fulfilling story. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, as I am left wondering how Dez will continue to use her super-natural powers to reach her destiny. My guess is the key will be “with a little help from her friends.”

The Sealed Ambition: Fire Echoes can be ordered through Click for info & ordering.

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